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Hello! I hope that you all have recovered from the whirlwind that was the last week! I am beyond proud of the kids and how they represented themselves both on and off stage. Mt. Zion is one of the longest running programs in the nation. To have placed second at this contest - the highest Flight has ever placed - is an extraordinary accomplishment! The improvement between their day and night show was pretty spectacular - I can't wait to see how these kids continue to develop and grow throughout the season!

This week:

No rehearsal! Obviously today there was no school, and the music department staff leaves on Wednesday night for the ILMEA All State Music Educators Conference with our All State participants.

Initially we were slated to perform at incoming freshmen night on Wednesday, but they have eliminated that portion of the program this year so we are no longer performing. However! I need 8-10 veteran members to volunteer to hand out fliers and set up the Flight video for the booths out in the commons for Freshmen night. All you have to do is encourage incoming freshmen to join choir and flight! Please sign up here if you are interested. 6:30-8:00, in Flight gear (not costuming).

WEDNESDAY at 2:20 I will be handing out all of the information and the tickets for the Flight Calendar Raffle. All the details will be handed out after school - ALL members should attend this 10 minute meeting: Band/Crew/Singers.

Make sure you are in contact with us this season! This cheat sheet should do the trick!

Check the website! Videos, links, pictures, etc. are posted in the members only area! It will continue to be updated throughout the season and will become the main way of communication. Please make sure you have subscribed to the updates.

Looking Ahead:

Danville itinerary will be sent in the next couple of days!

Now that we have a better handle on what needs to be packed and the ins and outs of costuming will be, we will send out a game plan for parent volunteers. Recognizing that arriving home after 3am is not ideal nor good for any of us, I assure you we are doing everything we can to get the kids home safe which meant a slow, slow drive home from Mt. Zion. While Danville is a bit closer, we are also going to try some new methods that will allow for us to return home sooner. Much of the scheduling and timing is out of our control: contest running late, weather, etc.

THANK YOU to our village of people who came together to bring the show to life last week. I am in complete awe of this group of parents - returning and new - who have stepped in to make the magic happen! There are truly no words to express my gratitude. Thank you for selflessly giving away your nights and weekends to bring this crazy world of show choir to the kids.

Keep checking the website! Kids, I will see you Wednesday after school for a quick 10 minutes, otherwise - enjoy your week off! Get plenty of rest and be ready to hit the ground running on Monday - we will then have two contest weeks in a row!

Thank you!


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