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Preview Show


Please check out! I am slowly updating the site and all links can be found in the members area! Once you sign in, a new tab called Flight 2019 Hub will appear - that is where the info center will be on the website.

THANK YOU to everyone for your tireless work on helping my vision come to life: it is no small feat. Today I walked in the choir room during rehearsal to find dozens of eager parents patiently waiting for something to do and completing the craziest tasks - thank you, thank you, THANK you! As I look around the choir room right now, I am in complete shock at how much was accomplished tonight because of our little village. Unreal. Thank you!

Tomorrow (well today) will be a busy day from dawn until the curtain opens to put all the finishing touches on - in-between school and our 2:00 call on stage I have a couple of meetings, so if you have urgent questions about Preview Day, Remind is the best way to contact me.

We are doing our best to get the show in as best shape as possible tomorrow, but it won’t be a finished product yet. The paint is still very dry (literally), and the color may even change before Mt. Zion (literally and figuratively)...But that is my favorite part about preview - none of that nonsense matters...because the kids are SO excited to finally share the show with the people they love most! I am excited for you to see their hard work, but the BEST part is watching it for the first time tomorrow (likely through tears for many of you) and then watching how the show evolves and improves throughout the season.

I am GREATLY looking forward to the adventure ahead! Thank you for raising the best students in America and then allowing them to spend so much of their time in Room 500 - I am so grateful! HERE WE GO!

TUESDAY, January 15:



2:00 Singers in family shirts on stage - warm up, run trouble spots - no band, just Mrs. Zegree

3:00 Run costume change

4:00 Run show with band

4:30 Begin getting ready (hair and makeup) - girls in schomas, boys in choir room (will make a

dressing room with mirrors)

4:30 Dinner - provided

5:00 Individual pictures - BAND

5:15 Individual pictures - BOYS

5:45 Individual pictures - GIRLS

6:15 GROUP PHOTO ON STAGE WITH BAND (everything should be set on stage for show to begin)

6:45 Warmups in choir room!

7:00 SHOW




Concert Black - Dressed up



Cream Crinoline (new)

Teal Dress with sash


Hair Flower

Tan leotard w/ shorts

Closer Dress (in bin)

Pie (in bin)


Tweed Suit with vest - jacket will be open!

Cream dress shirt

Mint tie

Dad Socks

Brown Shoes

White undershirt

Black Suit (in bin)

Black Socks (in bin)

Black Shoes (in bin)

White W shirt (in bin)

Briefcase (in bin)


Maroon Pants

Blue Shirt, with white bow tie already attached

Maroon suspenders

White no show socks

White under shirt

Saddle Shoes

Black Suit (in bin)

Black Socks (in bin)

Black Shoes (in bin)

White W shirt (in bin)

Yellow Ball (in bin)


Maroon Dress with white bow and sash

Hair Bow (new)

Pink Bow Shoes (new)

White socks

Tan bikini leotard (new)

Maroon lollies (new)

Maroon Crinoline (new)

Closer Dress (in bin)

Yellow Book (in bin)

Preview Show is open to anyone and everyone, and is free to the public. Doors will open at 6:45 and the show will begin at 7:00.

We will run the show twice! The preview show's purpose is to give the kids the experience of performing for an audience before the competition season. The first time we run it for a real audience, there are all kinds of things that go wrong due to the added audience factor. After the first run-through, we will have a brief break for the kids to reset and perform again. As an audience member, encourage your family and friends to create the atmosphere of a real competition: cheering while announcing, big cheers during dance breaks etc. We'd like to get as many bugs out before MTZ as possible! :) I would suggest sitting further back in the auditorium to get a better view of the show, thought our auditorium is not the best place to do that.

Reminder: we need to keep any videos of our show off of social media. Often times adjudicators can get their hands on a performance before they judge us, and we want the first time they see us to see our show LIVE and not a recording from a cell phone. We will post our best performance online after our last contest in March. Please try to hold back on posting any pictures of the show from preview night until after we compete on Saturday. The element of surprise is all a part of it!

General Seating - come in and grab a seat!

Admission is free - encourage family and friends to join us!


Kids will not be able to “greet” directly after the show - they will immediately have to change out of costume because of our very quick turn around - costuming will need to be washed and hung and prepared to load the trailer soon after, so we cannot be waiting an hour after the show for the kids to meet family and friends. They will immediately change and then can meet you in the lobby. Please stay out of the choir room and Schomas while the kids change - they will come and greet you as soon as they are done!

Because each season is unique, Preview Show is when we are able to figure out what kind of help we need for the season - tomorrow’s process from start to finish will help guide us and we will follow up with what will be needed at Mt. Zion. It is all trial and error!


The whole idea of the look is always to be as uniform as possible. As such:

-Guys must be clean shaven

-Girls - no nail polish unless clear or nude polish

-No jewelry except the provided jewelry (no other earrings, nose rings, rings, bracelets, hair ties on wrists, watches, etc.)

-Hair must always be a natural color

-Boys - hair must be out of face/eyes


12:30 Watch video of preview show in choir room and review notes for Saturday!

1:00 Rehearsal on stage in family shirts

2:15 Load buses - will be assigned buses and posted in Google Classroom

2:30 Depart!

5:30 Dinner at Monicals (provided)

6:30 Arrive at hotel - roll hair together and have all the fun

One day at a time - Mt. Zion packet coming tomorrow! We know our performance time in prelims is 3:00, but we do not know our solo comp times yet so our detailed schedule is not complete. The tentative plan is to leave the hotel by 10AM to get to the school, but that may change based on our solo comp assignment. I will send info as it becomes available.

I am aware of the potential winter storm heading for central IL on Friday night - the decision will be up to administration on whether or not we are to travel and will need to be called by Thursday night so that we don’t lose money on our hotel due to weather. We will cross that bridge when we come to it, but I am not anticipating any disruption in our weekend plans. As always, we will cope and adjust! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


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