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Mt. Zion Volunteers

From Dawn Szumski:

Good evening.

I promise that once this week is over, you won't hear from me (daily).

The set is looking awesome- Who know we had superheroes in our presence; Business People by day, Set designers by night.  And speaking of the set, after speaking with Dave, we need 16 people who can carry and set up the pieces.  You need to be able to lift and carry 40lbs and  need to be at the designated set storage area 1 hour before performance time.   Below is a sign up sheet- With the show being 17 minutes in length, that means put up and take down needs to be 4 minutes or less.  It's not complicated but the hope is that the same 16 people do this at every competition.  I am going to be very optimistic and have a form that includes preliminary and final opportunities.  If that isn't possible, we will quickly train the newcomers.  

Please click here to sign up

Also, because there are so many new flight members and costume pieces, I am asking for patience in volunteering to help with the costumes.  It's not personal, but I need to have few experienced people in the "homeroom" area at this competition   The homeroom area is very limited in space, with 58 kids, 16 bins, 6 clothes racks, etc., it's going to be very chaotic.  I need to figure out the best way to keep track of everything. If you could please try and fight the urge to be in this area after each of the performances, it would make the organizational process go more smoothly.    Trust me after, this weekend.  I will be asking for everyone's help.

Lastly, I need someone to help me out with the distribution of buttons.  Description: I give you all the buttons, you find the families that they belong to and collect donations.  This would be a tremendous help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to text me - 6303733266.

Thanks again everyone!

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