Image by Matthias Wagner

Hello Mr./Ms./Mrs. _____________! 

I am auditioning for Flight, our competitive show choir here at Wheaton North! We have been asked to receive a teacher recommendation prior to our audition and I am hoping you would be willing to fill out this very quick Google Form on my behalf. It should only take a couple of minutes!

(insert an anecdote about their class or the reasons why you think this teacher would be a good choice to recommend you - be personal and authentic!) 

If you'd prefer not to or do not have the time to complete this before Thursday, September 30, please let me know and I will seek another recommendation. I really appreciate your support in my audition process! 

Link to Google Form: 

Thank you, 


CLASS YOU HAVE THE TEACHER (ex: 2nd Period Chemistry) 

Use this script below to help you draft an email to the Wheaton North teacher of your choice. Please only choose one teacher to ask fill out a recommendation for you. It is best to choose a teacher who knows you well! It does not need to be a current teacher, but it does need to be a WN teacher. 

Make sure you give them plenty of time to fill it out! This is due back by Thursday, September 30 - send to your teacher no later than Monday!